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Website overhaul, again

As you can see, my website is back online after several days of suffering, mayhem and near-random typing.

Code Monkey
This monkey programs e-commerce plugins. (CC by pathfinderlinden )

Things that should be fixed now (but will probably still suck in other ways) include:

  1. Random reformatting of everything. This was, I think, my favorite part of the previous design. Menus, sidebars etc. would just magically move around the page. This would happen even without me doing any editing. It certainly kept things interesting if by “interesting” you mean “the worst thing that ever happened.”
  2. Store not working in Internet Explorer. For reasons which will never be known, my score store simply stopped working for customers using Internet Explorer. Browsing, cart loading, etc. all worked. Purchasing did not. This seems to be fixed now, but if you try to order something and are inadvertently charged nine hundred dollars, please let me know. (Sidenote: if there is any e-commerce platform for selling digital downloads that wasn’t designed by terrible, terrible people, I’d love to know about it. I’ve tried many solutions now and they’re all unspeakably awful. The one I’m using now is certainly not good; it’s just the least awful.)
  3. Utter busyness. This is no one’s fault but mine. For some reason, I decided last time around that there should be all kinds of stuff everywhere – sidebars, navigation, featured posts, kittens, etc. But then I realized that good websites stopped looking like that in the 90s, so I’m chilling out.


  1. I’m having serious trouble e-commercing your digidownloads in Netscape Navigator. Can you please rectify the situation?

    • Dennis DeSantis Dennis DeSantis

      Hi Mafoo,

      Your computer is probably too new. I would suggest using a PC (Macs won’t work at all) from prior to 1997.

      Also, you can send me a wire transfer. Whatever you’re trying to buy, it’s nine hundred dollars.

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